About Us

Civil Center, a product of Oddaka Infratech Private Limited (OIPL) is committed to providing exceptional Civil Engineering Consultancy Services to our customers. Seeing what doesn't exist yet in the Engineering World is our Strength. Our key services include all types of Architectural Plans and Structural Designs. We also have an efficient team for the quality assurance and management of construction works.

We strongly believe in the power of intelligence and the fact that it's what inside that counts led us in designing of our Smart study approach where we provide quality training to Civil Engineering professionals and students for aligning them with the needs of modern Industries, in the form of Summer Training, Internship and Workshop. Our live training program bridges the gap between theoretical studies of Civil Engineering and its practical application in the real world. The motto for providing training is to make Civil Engineers industry ready and generate employment opportunities on a massive scale in the field of Civil Engineering.

In the year 2015 we instituted this organization with a sole aim of engineering the dreams of our clients and customers. We are on a momentous path where our mission, vision and short-term yet achievable goals have been guiding us like the Northern Star. We welcome you to the World of Enhanced Quality and Sound Engineering!

Our Mission

To establish our Company as the preferred Consultancy cum Training Organization within our market area, by providing efficient services in the fields of Civil Engineering and building relationships within our Clients, Community, staff and business providers. To impart sound and exceptional training to the budding engineers in order to enhance their careers and help them achieve the highest degree of success in their business and personal lives.

Our Vision

The vision of Civil Center is to achieve the highest possible standards in terms of consultancy services and the training imparted while establishing our company as the preferred Consultancy Company within our Market Area. Under the guidance and direction of immaculate Engineers, Civil Center has been not only focused on delivering exceptional Consultancy Services that has enhanced relations with our clients but it has also earned itself an image of an efficient Training Organization that helps to create a brigade of efficient and Industry Ready Civil Engineers.

Our Goals

Our Goal is to be an innovative, client-focused Organization that delivers superb consultancy services for niche projects and to ensure excellent careers for our people while contributing positively to the community in which we live and work

Our Commitment

We at Civil Center are committed to shaping the future of Civil Engineering by providing premier consultancy services in the areas of Planning, Designing and Estimation along with delivering quality training to our young Civil Engineers with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and Company spirit.

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